To ensure a quality program at least one coach from every Team needs to be trained. The required training time is about 24 – 30 hours. Training sessions are help periodically usually in the greater Milwaukee area. The training is very hands on where the coach will build a task oriented robot that starts out as a Kit.

The training does qualify for graduate credits. The cost of the training is around $250 - $750 dependent upon the credits.

See the Calendar for the next Training Session

Training Kits

The training kits that we use were built by member companies of the Wisconsin Precision Metalworking Council. They consist of fairy simple machined parts and standard purchased components. They are an “erector set” of robot components. These kits are also used by young students during Discovery World's summer robotics camp programs.

Many teachers have commented during the training sessions that they would like to build additional kits for their team's use. Therefore we have made most of the cad models for the kits available free of charge on the download page. Our hope is that schools build kits and expand them by coming up with new mechanisms and gadgets that would further the learning experience of the kits.

We do rent these kits out to to teams and schools. Please contact us for more information.

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